Apply for financial assistance

If you are a homeowner and your home was damaged by the Canterbury earthquakes ( i.e either the September 2010, February, June or December 2011 Earthquakes), financial assistance may be available to help with temporary accommodation costs while your home is being rebuilt or repaired.

The financial assistance available is called Temporary Accommodation Assistance (TAA).

Generally, to be eligible for Temporary Accommodation Assistance you need to:

  • have temporary accommodation costs (this does not include a mortgage)
  • have used all your insurance coverage for temporary accommodation costs
  • be unable to live in your own home because repairs or rebuild are about to start or are in progress
  • intend to return to your home when the house is repaired or rebuilt.

You may not be eligible for Temporary Accommodation Assistance if:

  • your house wasn’t insured when it was damaged
  • your insurance policy does not cover temporary accommodation costs
  • your insurance company has not accepted your claim
  • you have, or are receiving income from your earthquake damaged property (e.g landlord)
  • you move to temporary accommodation you own, or have an interest in the ownership of the property e.g through a trust or company.

How much is TAA?

One person household:


Two person household:  


Three person household: 


How long can I receive it for?

You can receive Temporary Accommodation Assistance from the later date of:

  • the date you left or ceased to occupy your earthquake damaged home
  • the date your insurance cover for temporary accommodation expired
  • the date you began to incur temporary accommodation costs
  • the commencement of the programme
  • the date you applied for Temporary Accommodation Assistance.

Temporary Accommodation Assistance end date

Providing you continue to meet the eligibility criteria for continuing payment of TAA, payment can continue until:

  • completion of repairs or rebuild and your home is ready to occupy; or
  • the date you no longer incur temporary accommodation costs; or
  •  the programme expiry date of 31 December 2019

How do I apply?

To apply, please download the Temporary Accommodation Assistance application form,  print the form (the link is at the top right of this page), complete it in pen and answer all the questions on the form. A list of documents required to support your application is on the front of the form.

To discuss your situation or to make an appointment to apply for TAA, please contact us by:

Phone CETAS direct:  03 961-9154


Call freephone: 0800 673227  ( Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm)


Other financial support

If you need any other financial support please contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009 or go to